La Tierra se Calienta

We are a non-profit Civil Association, founded on November 19, 2010, as an initiative of young people committed to the planet that seeks to raise awareness in each of the citizens about environmental care and the problems that we live today, to reduce the effects and progress of global warming or climate change in the world.

Sustainable development objectives

Our projects are aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.




Tress Planted


Recovered spaces


Recycling events



  • The double effect of sea level rise caused by climate change and land subsidence caused by human extraction introduces a double crisis for coastal dwellers. Sea level rise is one of the most worrisome causes of climate change. The increase in atmospheric temperature caused by......

  • On Sunday, April 25, we gave an educational talk about Earth Day, where we raised awareness among the little ones. This talk was given at the Topotepuy Ecological Gardens....



Through the participation of volunteers, we have been able to create awareness and love for the planet. That is why we take your opinion into account.


We create alliances with different companies or organizations in order to carry out our projects.